Happy Days of Amelie Welcome


I was born in Chicago in 2016. I am quite little, in fact, most everythnig, if not everything is much bigger than me. But, regardless of my size, I am mighty strong and not afraid of anything. I can run as fast as a rocket, jump as high as the sky, and I loooove adventures. I literally try anything - dancing, rock climbing, hot air ballooning, soccer, cooking, decorating, baseball, playing the drums, flying kites, balancing, fishing, … 

My biggest wish is for everyone to be happy and feel loved. If I can make someone just a little bit happier, I am happy too.

I have my very own, really fun playground, with the nicest friends one could ever hope for. It’s called Instagram and you can find me here: @happydaysfactory. I hope you come and play with me some day! If you want to ask me a question, have an idea what I could do next, or a product you think I would love to play with, send me a message! I love mail!

See you soon!