"Uplifting eye candy, and venue for the author's Instagram cutie."


School Library Journal

"A vividly photographed ABC book with a clean, sophisticated aesthetic."

Publisher's Weekly


"The airy pages of "An ABC of Flowers" display 26 individually photographed flowers as sculptural bursts of color... Wide white backgrounds leave plenty of room for the eye to appreciate the vivid blooms set against the large pastel shapes of letters."

The Wall Street Journal


Our book An 'ABC of Flowers' is a beautiful little gem that we created in collaboration with Penguin Random House. It teaches your little ones the letters of the alphabet with colorful photos of vibrant flowers, featuring whimsical illustrations of Amelie on every page. The book is available on Amazon. It comes as a board book (which is absolutely perfect for tiny little hands) as well as a hard cover book.

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It's the perfect gift for any mom-to-be!

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